Tuesday, 26 January 2010

January Madness

There was me thinking all the christmas hustle and bustle was over and I could finally get stuck into some much needed crocheting and sewing for my still to open etsy shop. But of course, as life goes, mothers just seem to have no time...EVER for anything else. Or so it seems to me (any advice on how to change that is welcome ;)

This month is now keeping me busy with the preparations for Lucy's 2nd birthday and I am beginning to wonder if I have taken on to much with her present. i still have to pick a fabric for the curtains to partition the den off, which I then have to sew. I also still have to crochet a granny square blanket with is meant to be a decent size and not just something that will last her one year. eventually i would like it to maybe go onto her bed or so. And I have started the snake which has turned out a bit of a nightmare. there are so many colours in the pattern, which constantly change and I don't like crocheting rounds very much. It has over 200 rounds!!! HELP! But I thought I would share my progress with you and see what you think about the colour scheme:

Can you see all the ends? I am NOT looking forward to weaving them in.

I have also agreed to make another little pouch, similar as the one I made for my cousin.I really enjoy doing this, even though it is extra work. Luckily it is a much smaller version and I am already nearly finished with the crochet bit.

This pouch is for my very best friend Liana, whom I know now for 10 years. She has picked the colours and yarn herself and we chose the button together. i love the button. It looks so bright and cheerful. I really do enjoy making these pouches and am seriously considering selling these. What do you think? Would you buy them?

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Therese said...

I like the colors that you are doing on the snake. It's looking really nice. I know the ends are sure not any fun. But in the end it is going to be great. Keep up the good work.
Take care