Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Red/Orange Delight

I have finally finished the present for my cousin. About time, too. After all, I will be going to Germany next friday. At least now, I can concentrate on packing and getting the house into shape.

And this is the finished product:

I am sure you can guess by the photograph that it is a pouch. I guess it could be a clutch as well, but it was intended as something she can put make up or similar things in. But hey, I am happt for her to use it as she wishes :)

To give it extra strength I have lined it with two layers of orange felt. I also have attached two magnetic buttons to make it last longer.

As you can see it can hold a few things, like a mobile phone, lip gloss and your credit cards ;)

For the first time I have added my very own label as this is the first thing I have made and designed completely on my own since I got the labels. I love them. They look very professional. I like that its printed on gross grain and not a woven label. I can also fold them in half in sew them into something, so that they look out on the side.

If you are interested in such beautiful labels, you can get them on Mommie Made It 's etsy shop


Louise said...

I love the little pouch and the colours are beautiful. Very clever to line it with felt and add the buttons!

alice said...

really lovely design. i never thought of lining something with felt, good idea. and the labels are nice too.

HappySquirrel said...

Your cousin is a very lucky lady! Love how the colours work together: it is happy, catchy and funky. Really cool.

crochet with Raymond said...

I love love LOVE this! Have been thinking about doing a purse or something similar for ages now but have not been inspired! Thanks for the inspiration! You may see it on my blog... it will be added to my long list of WIPs in waiting! Nice to find your lovely blog :)