Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Empress's New Clothes

LOL...well its really just my new clothes. But to be honest I feel a little bit special at the moment. And here is why:

*WARNING...this can be a sensitive subject to some people!!!*

Since August I have been on a diet, trying to loose all the baby fat plus all the extra that I put on since living in Northern Ireland/Ireland. It all started when I was an Au pair in Dublin and was very unhappy in my first family. I started comfort eating. Sweets every evening in front of the telly. Oh dear, not a good thing to do. When I cam to Ireland I weighed 64 kg, which is 10.0783st to be exact. After Lucy was born, I weighed a terrible 92.4kg, which is 14.5505st. Now, don't get me wrong, I have no problem whatsoever with bigger women or people in general. As long as you are happy, it is up to you. Although I don't believe any more, that you ARE happy with that extra weight. i told myself the same and can only admit now, that I lied to myself.

Well, any way I was always used something different. Going up from a UK size 12 to a size 16 and nearly 20 on bottom, had a huge impact on my self esteem and happiness. It even influenced my marriage. I mean, this is not a joke, right. According to my bmi, I was obese and also had several health issues that nobody should have at the age of 28.

But since I started that diet I have lost 20.6kg, which is 3.24394st. I have no aches anymore, am fitter, can run up the stairs, without getting all breathless and feel in general fantastic. I am now walking with my head held high, without being embarrassed. BUt best of all: I can now finally fit into clothes i never fitted into. So I am really enjoying shopping at the moment, which isn't such a good thing for my bank account ;). One guilty pleasure I have discovered, are short dresses....I mean those ones that don't even touch your knee ;). I feel like I am discovering a whole new me.

So, I was in Dublin at the weekend and you can see my gorgeous finds on the photograph above. I just love the vintage feel to these lovely dresses. I cannot wait to wear them., which will be at the weekend. I am trying to figure out a way to wear them all. LOL

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