Sunday, 10 January 2010

Birthday Surprise

This time of the year is birthday time in my family. First, Lucy will be 2 years old on the 22nd of February, then I will be 29 on the 17th of March (Oh oh, the big three O is getting closer. Not that I mind ;). I also just discovered that my blog is gonna be ONE on the 13th of March.

BUt of course Lucy's second birthday is my main focus and will from now on get most of my attention. As her birthday is so close to christmas, it is difficult to get her presents. i don't like a toy overflow. There is nothing worse than giving a child too many toys. In my opinion they only end up not knowing what to play with and get bored. And to be quite honest, Lucy already has quite a substantial amount of things to play with. So, the plan for her second birthday is to give her a permanent fixture in our house: a den under the stairs.

This is the space I want to close off for. All the way up to the radiator.

And as you can see, there is enough space for her there. Even when she is older, she can still sit in it and have her own little hide-away, whee she can have secret tea parties with her teddy bears and dolls.

I will close it off with curtains, so that one day it can be easily dismantled again. There will also be a lot of cushions and a blanket that I will crochet for her. Oh, I don't think I have quite realised yet just how much work it will be. And not that much time left.

I have been thinking about a colour scheme. I am not a very pinky pink person. I love greens and purples and blues and turquoise. But I am also an Interior Designer and it is important to me that no matter what it is, that comes into our house, it has to match somehow the rest of the decoration in that room. The wall that goes up beside our stairs is a light purple, so I thought of this colour scheme:

I am not so sure about the last three colours yet as I want to stick mainly to lime green, dark purple and orange. We will see. I will keep you updated on the progress.

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