Friday, 12 March 2010

To buy or not to buy???

I need your help!!! I want to ask all of you, who even glimps at this post to please give me your advice.

I am thinking of buying a new camera. A slr camera. My tiny panasonic just isn't enough for posting good images on the net. But I am torn with offers, decisions and just wanting the best but not being able to afford it.
So, please tell me your opinions of good cameras. What do you use? How do you like it? What would you buy if you could?

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spudballoo said...

Hello! First time here...well...I'm a Nikon freak so I'd recommend the 'best' Nikon you can stretch to. Perhaps a D3000?

Personally I'd choose either a Nikon or a Canon. There's not much to choose between them so I'd go for the best deal that you get get on comparable cameras. Perhaps go to a shop and ask them to show you the entry level Nikon and Canon and see which one feels best in your hand (Nikons are a bit chunkier), and which is cheaper.

Hope that's vaguely helpful? Please do say if I can help more. I know my way round Nikons reasonably well.

Happy shopping!

LenaDesign said...

Hey, thank you for the advice. I think I have my heart set on one already. Now I just have to save save save ;)