Friday, 12 March 2010

German weather and my first bag

Lucy and I are in Germany again. This time over my birthday, for the first time since I moved to Ireland. So even though I will miss my husband dearly I am very delighted about this occasion.

The winter in Ireland has been very very cold this year (as everywhere in the world) so I was really hoping for a nice spring in Germany. However, this birthday wish was not granted. For the first time I miss the Irish weather. Lately we had sunshine and spring-like temperatures but here it is freezing and there is even still snow!!! Brrrrrrrrr ...

I did a little bit of sewing before I left. I had this idea for a tote bag that can be hung onto the buggy. I always suffer from a really sore back after the day of travelling. As it takes me a good 11 hours to get from my house to my mums, there are many moments where I have to carry a heavy changing bag that is filled with all esentials for the whole day. So this time I thought I would make myself a bag that can hold everything from nappies to a book for me and all the food for Lucy and I. And it had to be bright and colourful, especially in this grey weather. Here is the result:

It is not perfect. There are a few things missing and a couple of mistakes. But it is my first try. I think I will make another one later on in the year. But for now it does exactly what I want from it.

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