Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Birthday Celebrations and the finished blanket

On Monday, the 22nd February 2010, my little baby girl Lucy turn 2. Very emotional times, I have to say. She is now officialy not a baby anymore (even though she seems to think she is ;) she calls herself baby all the time at the moment, just so she gets a cuddle), but a little bouncy toddler. funnily I even treat her differently now, let her do more and give her more little tasks. She really enjoys that. I even style her hair differently now, which makes her look more like a proper little girl. So cute.

We had two parties. One, on Sunday, for my husbands parents and sisters, and one on Monday, for children. Both were nice in their own special way. Lucy loved the attention, the presents and most importantly, the cake. Well, one in particular: the chocolate cake.

It is her favourite cake in the whole world. She ate three pieces on monday ;) And being her birthday, I didn't deny her any cake. I might share the recipie later with you, if you are interested. It is the simplest cake ever and has no flour in it. Perfect for people with a gluten allergy.

I also made a German strawberry gateaux with a white chocolate and joghurt mousse. It was sooo yummy.

The children party was more enjoyable from the aspect that I could decorate the table a little bit more.

I made little individual bug cakes in the shape of a butterfly,

a bee,

a dragonfly

and a lady bird

for the children, with each having a windmill stuck in the middle of it.

The main birthday cake was a butterfly. I used the same mould last year and think it might turn into a bit of a tradition :)

Our present to Lucy was, if you remember, the den under the stairs. Well, the space under the stairs is still looking the same as the last time I showed you. For one did I just about manage to finish the blanket, but we also have tilers in the house this week and she wouldn't have been able to use it any way. I decided that it has to be a slower job instead of rushing and pressurising myself. So, I thought I would share the finished product of the blanket with you.

Lucy also got a mini table from Ikea with two matching chairs, which was the biggest hit ever.


Carina said...

1- Happy Birthday to Lucy!

2- Hand over chocolate cake recipe NOW!

3- Love that butterfly cake tradition! I totally want to do that now, kids or no kids! :-)

4- Love the blanket; the edging is great!

FeeBeeKay said...

Just wanted to add that the little bug cakes for the teeny weenies were also delicious!! I know because I sneaked share of Amelie's little bee when she was busy investigating Lucy's balloons!! Your blog is gorgeous - makes me feel very slack about not updating mine for so long!!! F x