Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Absolute Best Chocolate Cake...'s true, it is the world's best chocolate cake. And so simple to make. I said in my last post I would share the recipe, so here we go:

200g butter
200g dark chocolate (with at least 70% cocoa)
4 eggs
200g ground almonds
200g sugar
about 3 tsp vanilla sugar
1 pinch of salt
40g baking powder

Melt the butter with the chocolate in a bowl over hot water until all is dissolved and smooth. Add the eggs and mix with a mixer until you have a nice gooey mass. Now combine your sugar, baking powder, salt, vanilla sugar and almonds (so basically all your dry ingredients ;) and add them to your mix. keep mixing until all is really good combined. That's really it. Now you just take a large (preferably 26cm, but I don't know if you can get these anywhere else than Germany) Springform tin, grease well and pour the mixture in. Preheat your oven to 160 degrees Celsius and bake for 40 minutes. Let cool down and dust with icing sugar. Enjoy!

Now, just to warn you. The cake is meant to be a little bit sticky in the inside. Its consistency is a bit like chocolate brownies. The cake last for a good 4-5 days and gets actually better after a couple of days. It is therefore perfectly made in advance.

i hope you will all enjoy it. It is certainly my favourite chocolate cake, my husband and his whole family loves it. My mum, who never eats chocolate loves it and Lucy loves it.

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