Saturday, 9 January 2010

Happy New Year! and wintery past times.

First of all: A Happy New Year to all of you!!!

I have been so busy in the past few months that this little blog of mine had to come last on the long list of making presents, preparing the house for several visitors and first of all of course, taking care of my sweet baby Lucy. Not so much a baby anymore, she will be turning two next month. And I will be boring you with all the birthday preparations as I am making her present myself. But more about that the next time

This is the way Northern Ireland looked yesterday. Well, at least my part of the country. There was not only a lot of snow (if you consider that we nearly never have snow), but also a loooot of fog. This is nothing unusual, but the combination of snow and fog made everything look really eerie and quiet. As if the world is wrapped in cotton wool. There were hardly any cars on the roads and I think not many people left their home. Unless they had to work of course.

This kind of weather calls for lots of wintery indoor activities. So, this is what we have been up to yesterday:

You gotta have a fire to keep you warm.

Lucy was entertaining herself with this lovely wooden jigsaw/puzzle.

And I was finishing off a granny blanket for friend's new baby girl.

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