Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sneak Peak

of my cousin's present.

I made this flower yesterday evening. It is the first flower I made and I quite enjoyed it. I couldn't find the perfect one in any book that I looked at. Either they were way too small, the wrong design or weren't colourful enough.

Flower Power! thats what I wsnted. My cousin only turned 18 and although she is maybe more on the conservative side for her age I still wanted something young and fun. I knew I wanted to use quite a few colours, so the flower had to be very layered. I also knew I wanted a colour in the inside that was very different to the pinks and orange. So, it had to be lime green as that is my most favourite colour and a nice citrusy contrast. But it still goes nicely with the orange (limes and oranges...get it? ;)

The flower will be attached to the finished piece of the big red crochet thing I showed you in my last post ;) I am very tempted to show you the whole thing, but instead I will show you one corner of it, together with the flower.

I am waiting for some felt at the moment and then I should hopefuly have the presenr finished soon and can move on to other things (like finishing the pink elephant..oops). Although I have to see how much time I will have to start any new things as I am going to Germany in 2 weeks. Yay!


alice said...

great colours in the flower. and a good idea to make what you cant find. x

Therese said...

love the flower. The colors are great. I can't wait to see the finished project. I'm sure your cousin is going to love the gift.
Take care

Louise said...

Love the colours of the flower, very bright and beautiful and very clever of you to figure out your own design!

Heather said...

Oh, I very much like that! I do wish I could do that sort of thing. Maybe someday :)

I, too, have a Lucy! Though mine will be turning 10 very soon.

So happy to find your blog,

LenaDesign said...

Thank you everybody. Its so nice to get positive feedback.

Anonymous said...

this flower is particularly nice... have you posted a tutorial for it anywhere??? Hint hint!!!!!!!! :)