Sunday, 2 August 2009

Lazy sunday organisation

Now, I know for most people this would be normal. Chill, take it easy, have a days rest. Well, as Lucy wakes up very early in the morning (generally between 5 and 6 am) I don't get days off anymore. But this morning my husband took Lucy with him to work, so I got to lye in a little bit. I also was able to take a bath, which I haven't done in months. It was very nice to relax a little. Even if it only lasted until 8:30 am ;)

I am not sure if a late start in the morning is so good....I feel very unproductive today. Did no crochet, no housework, certainly no sewing. I managed to drag myself and Lucy to the shopping centre to return something and to by some bulbs and a bit of food. But that's a s far as it went far anyway. The big plan is to finish the pink amigurumi elephant tonight. We'll see.

But I did one thing that I wanted to do for a while. Once I started to crochet and made more and therefore opened more yarn, I had all these labels flying around. Soon I was unable to recall which colour was which number and I got a bit freaked out. I was worried that someday I might think of a project that I finished and would not be able to to remember which yarn I use (make, colour, etc.)

So I put these little sample cards together:

I am having a bit of a lazy sunday.
They are nothing special, but at least in this way I can go back and feel the yarn. I never thought that there are so many different kind of cotton yarns in the world. Some are so soft and others are quite tough.

I love samples and to a certain extend I quite enjoy organising things. So this was a perfect way to fill one little hour in my lazy sunday afternoon.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Carina said...

Ordnung muss sein! ;-b

LenaDesign said...

well, in Germany we say: Ordnung ist das halbe Leben::Organisation is half your life. ;)