Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Where has the time gone?

Remember a while ago I was posting about a present I was making for my cousin's birthday? This was the post.

Yesterday I had a friend over for coffee and home-made cheescake and she was very interested in my projects. So I showed her the beginning of the present. When I told her that I will take it with me to Germany in August, it suddenly struck me that it is only 2 weeks on friday until I will be going home to visit my family....2 WEEKS!!! I seriously have to get a move on this present.

So today I continued what I was making and thought I would show you what I have done so far as it really doesn't give away what it will be in the end, I think.

Time is flying lately. Lucy is teething again and clinging a lot and that means I don't get much done. And with y bad IKEA experience last week, a wedding plus our trip to Dublin at the weekend, I really didn't have much time for anything crafty. Sometimes I wonder if I took on too much with a 17 months old baby. If I had started during the pregnancy it might have been easier for me as I would have been used to it. But starting now with such a small child that is used to having her Mama all to herself is very exhausting at times. But I think there is no turning back now. I am totally hooked and savour every moment I get to either create something or to sit on my computer and read up on other people's creations. My head is bursting with ideas and I wish I had more hours each day.

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