Monday, 3 August 2009

A light-hearted decision

I am an Interior Designer. And will probably always stay one at heart.

Already in primary school, after turning a shoe box into a room (and making an entire toilet, with seat and lid, out of an egg carton) I had that wish to become and interior designer. Even though there were other options crossing my mind this one always stayed with me. Until it came to the time to decide on a university course. Of course I went for a design course in which I then specialised in interior design and graduated with a two one. Now that was in Northern Ireland, all in English (which is after all a foreign language for me)...I think I've done pretty good. So I would claim I know a thing or two about interior design. Although I would class myself more of an interior architect...but the decoration part is always fun and important as well.

At the beginning of the year IKEA brought out a new pendant light that I immediately fell in love with. I imagined it in our bedroom, right above the bed. We started to renovate our bedroom a little bit before Lucy was born as we bought ourselves a new bed after our wedding. So it needed new paint and I really wanted wallpaper on the wall behind the bed. Before our wedding I was working for 11 months in a fabric, wallpaper and paint shop. I had the wallpaper picked pretty much from the start :)

But so far we had no lamp hanging from the ceiling. Just a boring light bulb. Now, even though I am 'the interior designer and should know best' (as my husband likes to say, just to avoid any decision making) I still prefer to run any plans of changes to the house by him. It is his house, too after all. Although I always get what I want ;) When I told him of this idea and showed him the lamp in the shop months ago, he suggested that we could put it upstairs on the landing as it would look nice from the outside. I agreed.

On Saturday afternoon, we finally took on the task of fitting the new pendant lamp. Once we unpacked it (it takes a lot of assembling) and lifted the actual fitting out, we discovered that it was hanging down so far that nobody would be able to walk underneath it. Naturally we came back to my original plan, of putting it into the bedroom. It still hangs quite low, but as it is mainly above the bed, it doesn't matter.

I love it. I am so pleased with it that I cannot stop looking at it, which is why I wanted to share it with you. So here are a few photographs of that gorgeous lamp:

I think they are all meant to be daisies but the whole lamp looks like one giant soft and fluffy dandelion clock :)

And look at the beautiful shadows it casts on the ceiling:

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