Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Embroidery and washing machines

This is my creativ space at the moment.

I am doing some embroidery since yesterday. This is my first try and I think it's going well. But then again it is fairly simple. I only need the backstitch and once I had mastered that all I had to do was following the lines.

The pattern is from Carina and I think it is really cute ;) and very well done. You can buy them in her Artfire and Etsy shop. This is my more contemporary and maybe a bit abstract take on Carina's very naturalistic embroidery. I love the colour combination. I think this project might take me at least the length of my stay in Germany as it is going to be something bigger that I am doing.

Otherwise Lucy and I are enjoying Germany a lot. Seeing family and friends is to me like bathing in energy.

Lucy feels already like home here as you can see for yourself:

Ah, she is great fun ;)

I will keep you posted about the embroidery piece but please be patient with me as I don't have as much time here to post every day.

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