Thursday, 16 July 2009

of mobile homes and afternoon tea...

I recently purchased a lovely mobile phone (or cell phone if you wish) cozy of Carina. I came across it on her Artfire shop and thought it would be the perfect home for my iPhone. Yesterday it arrived in the post and I have to say I think my iPhone looks very stylish and rather cozy ;) in its new pretty cover.

You can buy similar ones in Carina's etsy shop.

Another matter this afternoon is Lucy's new tea set.

I bought this morning on a little trip to get myself a very pretty dress in the Monsoon sale (Yay!). It is made on metal, which makes it nearly indestructible. Rather important for a 17 month old toddler :)
The set has four cups and saucers, four plates, a lovely tea pot and a tray. I already had to pretend having some tea today and eating some invisible food. Funny thing is that Lucy is starting to join in and pretends to eat something, finding it rather funny.

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