Tuesday, 14 July 2009

looki, looki...booki, booki ;)

I love books.

This is a simple fact about me. I love them so much that I treat them really well and I detest it when others don't do the same. Therefore Lucy is learning to treat her books with respect.

One method for me to indulge in a newly found passion is reading, exploring and using books. So it was natural for me to buy a whole bunch of new books about crochet. Well, I ordered them of Amazon actually and they arrived today.

I really enjoyed flicking through them and cannot wait to try out some of the beautiful patterns. There are five in total and one of them is about amigurumi patterns, the cute japanese stuffed animals. I am particularly looking forward to trying them out as I think they would be so adorable for Lucy to play with.

Another one of the books is vintage crochet patterns, which is the other one I was very much looking forward to. As much as I love strong bold colours, I adore the mellow colours in this book.

I love research.

That is another fact. When I have my heart set on something I search and search the web until I find the perfect thing for me. This can be quite annoying as I don't easily let go and the search can drag out for months. However, sometimes I am very lucky and find something good straight away.

I had my heart set on finding good quality, brightly coloured yarn as our local yarn shops have, quite frankly, a rather dull colour variety. So, I sat on the computer yesterday and hit gold only after a couple of hours. And I want to share this great find with all the crochet (and I suppose knitting) fanatics in the UK:

Purplelinda Crafts

Happy crochet!!!


Dragonfly said...

Thanks for the link - it's always good to know about other suppliers. I love the coloured acrylic crochet hooks!
Your crochet book collection looks much like mine, but I haven't got the motifs one. Will have to look on Amazon!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the link, like you I always find it difficult to find yarn in bright, fun colours. Another site I stumbled across quite recently is www.texere.co.uk/index.html which has a variety of craft supplies and yarns. Hope you find it useful.
Jess :o)