Thursday, 23 July 2009

IKEA trouble

I just had a few very exhausting and annoying days. And on top of that I had to cope without my computer for nearly four days!!! That is the reason, why I only get to post on the blog now. And I had all these things going through my head but coldn't write them.

Anyway, it all started on sunday, when I went to IKEA to buy a new, bigger desk. I went for this range, as you can create your own personal combination, the way it suits your needs best. I love IKEA and we only have one in Belfast for 1 1/2 years now. I grew up with IKEA though as it is very popular in Germany. Although I have to say that nowadays I am looking more and more for "better" quality furniture as well, like sofas and beds.

So, we bought the desk. I have to add here that I didn't pick all the parts I needed for it myself. As you cannot pick this system out of the shelves by yourself, but have to go to the customer collection point, where they give it all to you, a staff member has to print out a list in the office section, which you then bring to the till and pay, before you collect it. Confused?

When we came home I started straight away unpacking it and discovered right at the start that I had some parts missing. I will cut this short for you. One phone call, two 40 minute drives, two hours spent in store, one cranky Lucy, one lost set of car keys (which where luckily handed in) and another phone call later I finally understood the problem. The woman who wrote the list out put one part in wrong! So I had another trip to Belfast which takes 40 minutes each way yesterday and Lucy cranky and tired again, but finally got all the right parts and assembled the desk yesterday.

Was it all worth the hassle?

I think so...

Now I finally have enough space for my computer and my sewing machine and all the other pieces I will need. And I can just roll in between the two.

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