Thursday, 23 July 2009

yarn addiction and amigurumi update

My yarn stash has grown quite a bit in the last week. I think I am addicted to it. All the lovely ideas I get when I see great yarn make me wish I had more time sometimes. I had some eco cotton yarn ordered from America as well as some really lovely peacock blue bamboo and silk yarn. This is sooo soft. Even softer than the baby cotton yarns you get in the UK.

I also bought some on that website that I posted a couple of posts ago. Although the yarn is lovely and soft, unfortunatley I find the colours are not as strong as they appear on the website.

Tomorrow, Lucy and I will go to Dublin for the weekend, to visit my sister-in-law. I am really looking forward to it as I have never visited her without my husband. Shane and his youngest sister will join us on saturday but it will be nice to have some girly time. I hope to go shopping a bit ;) just a bit! But I definetly want to go here as they seem to have a great selection and variety of yarn....I think I might have to spend a bit...oh dear...

Another thing I still owe you is the update of the pink elephant.

Well, I got as far as the body and one leg and she has her second ear now. I think the head is very lopsided and I might open the stitches up again to re-sew it into a better position. I didn't get to crochet much in the last few days,as we were also at a wedding on monday. I think the elephant looks a little bit scary at the moment but Lucy loves her already now. I hope to finish her off next week or over the weekend and will show you the finished result then.

On that note:
Have a nice weekend!!!

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