Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Look what the postman brought me

In January when I tried to organise my daughter's first birthday party I decided that I wanted to bake a lot of German cakes. Because the flour in the UK is different to German flour I searched online for a place to get the flour I needed. So I came across a shop in London that sells all kind of German food called German Deli
Last week I placed another order as it is really nice to see, smell and of course taste the food I know from my childhood and beyond. I know it may sound silly, the idea of ordering a lot of food from London but anybody who lives in another country and knows how it feels to be homesick will understand me.


Some items where wrapped in newspaper as they where highly breakable or very chocolate ;). While I was unwrapping them my eyes caught the writing on the newspaper and I realised it was all written in German. Turns out it was a newspaper called 'Germanlink' and it is especially for London and the UK. So I got free reading material out of it as well. Woohoo!!!

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