Wednesday, 10 June 2009

My study/creative space

For a very long time I wanted to renovate my study. I used to study for UNI in this room and draw, build my models, etc. But now I am not a student anymore I felt that the reason for this room had changed. For a while I was thinking of changing it into a guest bedroom, but we already have two and to be honest we don't have so many visitors.
When the idea developed to set up shop in etsy and to do more creative work again I new I really had to do something about this room. For a while after I got my degree my husband and I called this room 'the junk-room', which prettymuch explains it all. We just dumped everything in it. In the end the room was covered in stuff and I could'nt find the simplest things anymore. And when we went on a holiday the hunt for the passports was exhausting as we had to dig ourselves through piles of paperwork and other rubbish.

I wanted something modern, grown-up, relaxed and creative and so far I think it is wrking for me. A few changes still have to be made: I need a new desk..but it is in progress.

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HappySquirrel said...

How wonderful! It is sooooo important to have a place where one can find refuge and create. Good luck with your business!