Saturday, 27 June 2009

Baby Blanket

I had finally finished all the squares for the blanket yesterday. 36 squares!!! About time, too as we wanted to go and visit the new baby today.

The next stage was the sewing together of all the squares. That was quite a big job as you can imagine with 36 squares. It took me several hours and I think I was not aware of just how long it would take.

And this was the result of probably 5 hours work:

Lucy would not leave me alone when I tried to take a photograph of the blanket in one piece. But at least this gives an idea of the size of the blanket ;)

The next step then was to crochet the edge, which according to the pattern was meant to be all three colors. So you crochet on edge of tr crochet around the blanket in one colour then the same in the second colour and the same again in the third colour.

The cream edge took me about 4 hours as (of course) my crochet hook broke (it was made of wood and the hook part just snapped off) and I had to rush into town to buy a new one, also had to put Lucy to sleep, who then only slept for 50 minutes and then had to sit on my knee while I tried to crochet....*gasp for air* I decided I couldn't finishe the whole edgeing and that it would look nice also with just the cream. Nice and simple, right? I said: we were gonna visit the new baby today! But as usual my husband had to work longer than planed. he is a vegetable grower and the orders were just enormous today....sooo, we never made it to see the baby. All the hard work and long hours for nothing....but I guess I can finish the edge now properly. I also have a new project to start and therefore it is good that I don't have much work left on the blanket.

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Carina said...

It is very, very pretty! :-)