Friday, 11 February 2011

Return to the blog!!!

OMG! I have got to be the worst blogger of all times!

So much has happened since September. First of all, I had our second little baby girl on the 16th November 2010.

We called her Mia and love her to bits. She is such a great addition to our family. Lucy is coping with the change quite well. She loves Mia and keeps telling her, too. BUt I have been drowning in nappies and sick children, washing and house work, hence my very bad absence fro the blogging and crafting world :(

I did have a few crafty projects going on since last summer though. The most important one was Mia's crochet blanket.

I worked seven weeks on it, doing a little bit every evening as I was way too tired and pregnant to do lots in one go. Luckily I had it all finished before she was born. I only have this photograph of it as it is being used all the time. I do get a lot of compliments for it but I do have to say, the idea wasn't mine. I saw a blanket like that on Carina's blog.
During the end of the pregnancy I just couldn't face making anything. I was so sore all the time and very tired. I couldn't even go online and look at all the wonderful blogs. i feel like I have lost the connection and will take me long time to get back into the outline of the circle ;) But I will get there!

Then my friend Jill had a little baby girl four weeks ago. Baby Ella is a beautiful little sister to her older, already very pretty girl Naomi. So, I had to make some presents of course. And this is the result:

a pair of baby booties

and a doll for Naomi

I have seen the clothkit doll for the first time here and just thought it was the cutest thing. I also bought two for my girls. Still have to make them though.

My latest project is another blanket for Mia. You can never have enough pretty colourful blankets to keep your precious baby warm!

This is the Vintage Vertical Stripe Blanket, which I have seen first on the Attic24 blog, but comes originaly from here.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see u back!!! Guess we maybe inspired each other to get creative again!!! I'm def feeling the urge to get my finger out and make something!!! Thanks again for the lovely pressies for my girls :) cu soon Jill x