Monday, 14 September 2009

I am back!... and some more Germany

Hey, I am back!

Well, actually I am back for the last week but I just didn't have time to get online for more than 10 minutes and to be honest I also found it quite difficult getting back into the swing of things. I am one of those people who finds it very hard getting back into her routine again. especially after such a long time. I am still kind of in my German routine.

I miss Germany a lot and my family of course. But hey, I have no choice so there is no point in sitting here and feeling sorry for myself.

My last week in germany was very nice. We visited my great aunt who just lost her husband of 40 years in February and is grieving a lot. It was pretty intense as she gets upset a lot but I am glad I could spent those moments with her and got to see her from a different side.

She also took us out for a little sight seeing at the sea as she lives very close to the Baltic sea. There is a huge memorial remembering all the German fighters that died in submarines during WW1 and WW2. It is pretty impressive. You go down a couple of steps, which bring you into this little chamber with a lot of wreaths.

From there you step outside and you find yourself in a path that is outside but below ground. It is shaped in a half circle.

On both sides are high walls that are covered in these black panels on which you can see all the names of the victims.

It is very quiet down there and so peaceful. Like their last resting place.

Once you get to the end of that path you enter another -identical to the first one- chamber and from there you get out again.

It is so close to the water and so big that it impossible to get a picture of it all together. But you can see the layout on the map below.

In the middle of it all towers a huge collum with an eagle on top, the symbol of Germany.

And just a few more pictures I cannot resist showing you:

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