Friday, 13 March 2009

cafetiere/french press cosy

My mum likes to drink coffee and she always uses one of those cafetieres/french presses. She has been going on and on about getting a cosy for her press so I thought I would make her one myself. I knew I wanted to use felt as it looks so warm and wooly and....well...cosy ;) It was meant to be a christmas present but I dragged it out until just two weeks before christmas. I never Made one before and wasn't sure how long it would take. But after one week of intense evening sewing this was the result:

I have'nt been sewing in years, so I was quite proud of the result. And after my sister-in-law saw it she asked me to make one for her tea pot. I will have to start this soon, as it is March now and I told her I would make it as her christmas present...oops...

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